‪Life is what we make it. Make yours great. And help as many people as you can along the way.‬

‪The good people of Oak Grove, LA — like Brother George Sherman of First Methodist — were there for my family and me after I got paralyzed.‬

‪I loved baseball. After my wreck, OGHS gave me a special 10th Man Award. #GoodPeople‬

‪People everywhere help others everyday. As we witness horrors around us, take comfort knowing this world has far more good people than bad.‬

‪Doctors said I’d never move my fingers again. Wrong. Every time my fingers spasmed, I’d try to move them. That reconnected the brain signal.‬

‪Joseph was sad his first day at Children’s. I said “You can do this. No sweat!” I was sad my last day at Children’s so he told me the same.‬

If I hadn’t become paralyzed at 17, I never would’ve ridden the short bus, and I never would’ve met those awesome kids. #BrightSide