Speech Reviews

The greatest feeling in the world is knowing you made a difference in someone’s life, and that’s what Gavin W. Miller’s speeches do. Here are just a few of the touching reviews his speeches have received since he started speaking in 1990.

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Our students were moved, to say the least, by your presence and your presentation. I have had nothing but positive feedback from them.
Johnnie Sue Watts, Bayside Academy, Daphne, Alabama

I’ve heard lots of wonderful comments about your visit to our county. Often adults tell me they have enjoyed a program, but this time many teenagers made a point to contact me and personally let me know how much your story meant to them.
Alice Yeager, Lauderdale Schools, Florence, Alabama


We are so proud of all that you are doing in your life! Keep up the good work.
Veronica McLendon, El Dorado, Arkansas

When it was announced we was to have a 3-D club meeting, I figured it’d be like all the rest. I was wrong. You definitely had a message worth listening to, and I thought you’d like to know plenty people got your message.
Student, Harrisburg, Arkansas

Thank you for having the courage to tell your message. It went straight to my heart! You have a great way with words.
Student, Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg, Arkansas

Most of the time our school just has someone to come in and to sing to us about not using drugs and we never pay them any attention and with you it was different, you got our attention.
Student, Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg, Arkansas

Thanks a million for coming and speaking to the BSU students. We really appreciate it.
Robert Pinkston, Southern Arkansas Univ. Baptist Student Center, Magnolia, Arkansas

D I S T R I C T   OF   C O L U M B I A

You made me cry again.
Antonia Novello, U.S. Surgeon General, Washington, District of Columbia


It meant a lot. I may have drunk a little in the past, but I’m signing Prom Promise.
Student, Lemon Bay High School, Lemon Bay, Florida

From the crowd’s silence during Miller’s speech, and the comments from students afterward, it appeared the schools found the right person.
James Roland, Reporter, Charlotte AM, Port Charlotte, Florida

We were looking for a good speaker who would have a big impact on the kids.
Sheriff’s Deputy, Charlotte County, Port Charlotte, Florida


You have a very powerful testimony. 

Doug Alcock, Calvary Baptist Church, Alexandria, Louisiana

Miller told his tragic tale to students in a packed Guinn Auditorium. Not a sound was heard throughout the building as he told how his life changed forever.
Melissa Scallan M., Reporter, The Town Talk, Alexandria, Louisiana

You’re a true friend!
Student, Angola, Louisiana

He made his point very effectively.
Harry Ingalls, Principal, Baker High School, Baker, Louisiana

I have watched and listened to you on television and I just want you to know that I will NEVER, EVER drink and drive or do drugs. If I see any of my friends, family or people I don’t know fixing to do drugs or drink and drive, I won’t let them.
Student, Prairie View Academy, Bastrop, Louisiana

Your work is so important and rewarding.
Karol Guidry, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

You are the only person I have met that can keep this school under control. Your detailed story made everybody stop and think about how lucky they were. Our respect for each other at this school is at an all time high.
Student, Greenbrier Elementary School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I will never do drugs after I heard about what happened to you. I know a lot of people cried. I cried too. That was sad what happened to you.
Student, Greenbrier Elementary School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Words cannot adequately express how very much we appreciate you giving of your time and pain to help others. Please know how much you are loved and how many thousands of lives you have touched!
Bunny Purvis, I-Care, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I believe that many attitudes about drinking and driving were changed that day, and I feel that you may have saved some lives. I would like to encourage you to continue to meet with groups like ours because you can and do make a difference.
Maria Stephens, School Psychologist, Louisiana School for the Deaf, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

When I saw you for the first time at the Team Spirit conference, you talked about your life from the past. You did a great job even you are so brave.
Student, Louisiana School for the Deaf, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

If that didn’t reach them, nothing will. You did such a nice job today. Thank you so much. I know it’s hard driving all the way down here but we really appreciate it. You are making a great contribution.
Sue Little, MADD, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The most significant event in my life today was listening to Gavin’s spirit! His courage to go on was amazing. His faith in God seemed to bring him through all his misfortunes to where without it he might have died.
Patient, Our Lady of the Lake TAU Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The 9AM speaker today was very good. I felt sensitive but brave after listening to his story. How he put all the things behind him and was able to focus on the present. This story touched me and opened my eyes to things I never thought of.
Patient, Our Lady of the Lake TAU Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Your message of alcohol prevention is powerful and is making a real impact on the youngsters who participate in BREC’s daycamps.
John Semien, Recreation and Park Commission, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

That should show a lot of people that there’s a God above.
Student, Sherwood Middle School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

When other speakers used to come and talk and preach about drugs and drinking, I didn’t really think that I would get into an accident. Now, I would be more careful.
Student, Sherwood Middle School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

You just don’t know how much you have done to my heart just in that one hour of speaking to us. You just saved so many students lives.
Student, Sherwood Middle School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This was the best program all year.
Student, University High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I would like to thank you once again for your presentation. It takes courage to talk about such a painful experience, but we need people like you. So don’t stop!
Gail Harrow, Faculty Advisor, University High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Our school listened to your speech very carefully. I think they took your message to heart.
Bertha Hinojosa, Grant Manager, University Terrace Elementary School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I met you when the Converse Peer Group went with you to the Sabine Parish schools to speak. I enjoyed being around you and listening to your speech 5 times. You are a very brave and caring soul. I admire you very much.
Student, Converse Peer Group, Converse, Louisiana

I was at Coushatta High last Wednesday and I really listened to you. To me you made a lot of sense. I think it’s great that you are trying to get people to stop drinking and driving. Keep up the good work, because you have saved some lives.
Student, Coushatta High School, Coushatta, Louisiana

I hope you got through to the other students about drugs and alcohol and what they can do to you like you did me.
Student, Coushatta High School, Coushatta, Louisiana

Thanks, again, for the service you rendered our students. Keep up the good work!!!
Brenda Francis, Drug-Free Schools & Communities Coordinator, Crowley, Louisiana

He is amazing. I think he was very well received.
Brenda Ewing, Drug-Free School Coordinator, DeRidder, Louisiana

I was very moved by what you said and I know a lot more people were too. It really hit home around here.
Student, Florien High School, Florien, Louisiana

I was deeply moved by your story and message you wanted to get across. Believe me, it got to a lot of people.
Student, Fort Necessity High School, Fort Necessity, Louisiana

I believe that you are here for a reason. God needed someone like you to keep other kids from making the same mistake.
Student, South Lafourche High School, Galliano, Louisiana

I wanted to express how much I appreciate your sharing with our students. I feel you may have reached some of them. Thanks, again!
Tammy Blanchard, Gonzales, Louisiana

I wanted to thank you again for that assembly you gave today. Parts of it really hit home. I used to drink every now and then. I didn’t drive or anything, but after today, I know I never will.
Student, East Ascension High School, Gonzales, Louisiana

As always it is a pleasure to have you speak at the Victim Impact Panel. Your story is one of tragedy and sadness, as well as hope and triumph. Your story seems to have a tremendous impact on the DWI offenders because it hits so close to home.
Darlene Lamendola, Clinical Director, Chemical Dependency Program, Riverview Medical Center, Gonzales, Louisiana

It is one of the most powerful stories that I have ever heard while facilitating these groups. You have a great talent in speaking and conveying a warm, sincere message which moved the DWI offenders.
Darlene Lamendola, Clinical Director, Chemical Dependency Program, Riverview Medical Center, Gonzales, Louisiana

You have touched many lives in the two days you have been in “Heaven” LA. Your faith, courage and strength shines through, in your message & in your personality. You have touched my heart and I will be forever enriched.
Bridget Poleman, Gray, Louisiana

What a strong and courageous young man you are and how very much I admire you. May God bless you in your endeavor to save people’s lives and to continue to be a strong and influential force. I will remember these two days forever.
Mrs. Head, H.L. Bourgeois High School, Gray, Louisiana

I can’t say how much I enjoyed you visiting our school. It really opened a lot of people’s eyes. In my opinion, I think there was a special reason why you were brought back to life after your wreck. I think that you were God sent.
Student, Harrisonburg High School, Harrisonburg, Louisiana

I can only imagine how you must feel when you repeatedly speak. I know your courage, strength and faith must wear thin. But I don’t ever want you to feel that you’re not reaching people. You have done more good here than anybody else ever could.
Student, Mulberry Baptist Church, Houma, Louisiana

You have a way of getting through to people. You might have saved the lives of four of my friends. I don’t know anyone else in this world who could do something like that.
Student, Mulberry Baptist Church, Houma, Louisiana

Because of what you have been through it really helped some people out in a realization what alcohol and drugs really do. It also helped some of the students like me who knew someone who was involved in an alcohol accident.
Student, Vandebilt Catholic High School, Houma, Louisiana

There are many students here who drink and drive and are into drugs. I hate to admit it but I was one of them. A lot of my friends are too. But whenever you started to tell us your story we all just kinda looked at each other like what if that were us.
Student, Vandebilt Catholic High School, Houma, Louisiana

I can’t seem to get over your talk. You touched a lot of people’s hearts today. Especially mine. You are the first person in years that’s ever made me cry. The Lord wanted you on this earth for some reason and I believe you are doing it.
Student, Jigger, Louisiana

What you said really made me think about the way it would be if I got injured in an accident like yours. My girlfriend and I are real close but she don’t want me to get killed and that is why I quit. I quit drinking when I got home today.
Student, Jigger, Louisiana

I hope you keep going to schools and telling people about drinking and driving. You can win a lot of people if you give a speech as strong as you did here.
Student, Jonesville Jr. High School, Jonesville, Louisiana

To say your presentation was well-received by those who heard you speak is a strong understatement. Testimony given by students, teachers and parents indicated your presentation was the strongest part of the Rally.
Tim Breaux, Substance Abuse Coordinator, City of Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana

I wanted to thank you again for making the day a success. I will also recommend you to some schools I work with in the state.
Sharon Ayers, Project Consultant, Lafayette K.I.D.S. Rally, Lafayette, Louisiana

For a person who was a little nervous to go on stage you did wonderful.
Student, Lafayette K.I.D.S. Rally, Lafayette, Louisiana

My 16-year-old son has heard you talk three times. Each time he has come away quite impressed, and always eager to share with me his feelings and thoughts. I thank you as a parent for teaching my child about the very real danger of drinking.
Lace Stevens, St. Thomas More Parent Awareness Group, Lafayette, Louisiana

For most of Wednesday morning, the Lafayette Cajundome held the sounds of clapping hands, stomping feet and 5,000 chanting teenagers. Then officials carried Gavin on the stage and the noise from the stands shut off as though someone had pulled a switch.
Liz Hebert, Reporter, The Daily Advertiser, Lafayette, Louisiana

I couldn’t wait to get to high school so I could party with the grown/mature kids there. You made me realize the dangers of alcohol, and it scared me. Even people I thought would be party people for the rest of their lives were saying it scared them.
Student, Many High School, Many, Louisiana

You have changed the way I look at alcohol. I used to think, weekend it’s time to get drunk. But after hearing your talk, I don’t think I ever want to drink again.
Student, Midland High School, Midland, Louisiana

Thank you so VERY much for your usual outstanding presentation at Neville. The students and staff are still talking about it. You will never know how many lives and how many tears you are saving through your message.
Blanche Free, Monroe City Schools, Monroe, Louisiana

It really meant a lot to me that somebody who had been through the whole experience was telling the story rather than somebody who had looked on, because it means a whole lot more coming from somebody who’s been through it.
Student, Neville High School, Monroe, Louisiana

Because we had the best presenters in the state, our conference was a tremendous success. The children appreciated and enjoyed you. Lives were touched.
Thelma Clement, At Risk Program Coordinator, Region VIII Peer Leadership Youth Conference, Monroe, Louisiana

You are SO gifted! I haven’t seen those kids that attentive EVER! Your testimony is meaningful to young people and even more inspiring to those of us older who need to be reminded about what youth go thru.
Jill Mouk, Youth Pastor, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Monroe, Louisiana

Gavin Miller is bright, intelligent and captivating when speaking.
Angela Jackson, Reporter, The Pow Wow, Monroe, Louisiana

Thank you so much for sharing your story with our students. Your message brought to reality the messages they have been hearing. They are able to now identify with a young person who had a life shattering experience and is willing to tell about it.
Dorothy Sims, Counselor, West Ouachita High School, Monroe, Louisiana

I just thought I’d write to tell you that what you’re doing is absolutely great. You’re a great person. Keep up the wonderful work. Thanks.
Student, Monterey High School, Monterey, Louisiana

You may not realize it but you mean a lot to me and you inspire me to do the things I have been holding back so long to do. God has given you a gift. The strength to show other people that it’s not worth it. You have changed many lives.
Student, Negreet High School, Negreet, Louisiana

We have never had a speaker to impress our students as much as you did. They haven’t stopped talking about you.
Diane Evans, Counselor, Archbishop Blenk High School, New Orleans, Louisiana

It is a big difference between when someone tries to preach about what is right and what is wrong and when someone shares their experience. You definitely opened my mind to reality. It truly made a difference.
Student, Cabrini High School, New Orleans, Louisiana

Your gentle caring nature yet genuine appeal to the hearts and minds of these women was extremely captivating. The way you incorporated your love of God, the value of hope and ability to be peer supportive as well as responsible was inspirational.
Aurora Daigle, Counselor, Cabrini High School, New Orleans, Louisiana

After all the speakers I have heard since grade school, your speech has come across the strongest.
Student, Cabrini High School, New Orleans, Louisiana

I never realized how drinking could take away your life in only a matter of seconds. And I decided that there is no way I will ever drink again. You changed my life for me when you spoke to us. And I can’t thank you enough for that.
Student, Ebarb High School, Noble, Louisiana

I used to drink every weekend it was but around 3 wine coolers, but after you came and talk to our school group I haven’t touch another wine cooler. I really enjoyed listen to you and I grant you it made a lot of people think.
Student, Port Barre High School, Port Barre, Louisiana

I was very much moved with tears at heart (along with my other schoolmates and teachers) by your heartfelt story. It just fortifies my beliefs on drinking that much more.
Student, Raceland Junior High School, Raceland, Louisiana

I’ve always heard, when God closes a door, He opens a window. You have become the window to the world for so many young people. Your courage is a true inspiration to us all.
Leonard St. Pierre, Raceland Junior High School, Raceland, Louisiana

I really admire you and the courage and strength you had to survive.
Student, Stuart Elementary School, Rayville, Louisiana

I just thought that I would write because I have been tempted to since the day you spoke. I was one of the girls on the floor crying my eyes out. I almost got in a wreck with my uncle when he was drinking last summer. I would hate to lose my life at 12.
Student, Leon Godchaux Jr. High School, Reserve, Louisiana

We always admire your enthusiasm and determination to pursue your dream of making a difference in the lives of young people. Keep up the good work. The Lord will surely bless your tireless efforts.
Eleanor Glover, River Ridge, Louisiana

To someone who means a lot to me even though I don’t know you that much. I care!
Student, St. Francisville, Louisiana

I was really touched by your speech at the SADD convention. I have a niece named Jessica that was born with spinal bifida. She was a miracle because she was not supposed to live past three months old and she will be fourteen years old in December.
Student, SADD Convention, St. Martinville, Louisiana

What you said I will never forget. And I think you got everyone’s attention. I know in my heart I will never drink and drive for sure. I won’t even drink cause I know how bad it is for you.
Student, Start School, Start, Louisiana

I want to thank you for sharing your story with us at Sterlington High School. It is a tragic one, but one that others can learn from. I admire you for sharing it with others.
Student, Sterlington High School, Sterlington, Louisiana

We have started praying for you each day in our prayer group after school. We see that you have turned your life over to God.
Becky Lancaster, Tallulah Elementary School, Tallulah, Louisiana

When you told us your story, it not only touched me, but it made me wonder if it is going to take something like what happened to you to make some of my “acquaintences” realize that it’s just not worth it.
Student, Tallulah High School, Tallulah, Louisiana

I was one of the students who learned something the day you came. You made me and my best friend understand what life can be all about. We both will work hard for something in life and try and not mess that up.
Student, North Caddo Magnet High School, Vivian, Louisiana

Thanks so much for speaking to our youth Sunday night. You have a powerful story that they needed to hear. Thanks for sharing it.
Spiller Milton, Pastor, First United Methodist Church, West Monroe, Louisiana

Thank you again for sharing your experiences. I know it will impact the lives of some of our youngsters.
Carol Johnson, DFSC Coordinator, Franklin Parish Schools, Winnsboro, Louisiana

The account of your accident was quite vivid and touched our lives. You have quite a message to share with youth, and I hope that you will continue to tell your story to all who will listen. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.
John Sartire, Principal, Winnsboro High School, Winnsboro, Louisiana

I’d like to tell you how important and moving I found your talk to be. You’re an exemplary young man and can have a tremendous impact on the youth of today by continuing your speaking. You’ve been through more of an ordeal than most people can comprehend.
Suzanne Mercer, Teacher, Winnsboro High School, Winnsboro, Louisiana


Miller’s story is an emotional one, and there were tears in the eyes of some students as his story was told. Others sat motionless as he recounted the incidents of his accident.
Debbie Wood, Reporter, The Mississippi Press, Pascagoula, Mississippi

N E W   Y O R K

These are crucial times in the development of young people and we need to encourage them to keep on the right path. Your video was an excellent example.
Maria Argyris, Assistant Principal, The High School for Arts & Business, Corona, New York


As I was sitting in those bleechers listening to your story, hung on every word you said, tears started running down my face. Your story helped me realize how precious life is.
Student, Carroll High School, Corpus Christi, Texas

He made some people think. Most of the time we get really old speakers and no one really listens to them because they are boring.
Student, Youth Leadership Conference, Corpus Christi, Texas

Your story and commitment to help others is wonderful!
Katherine Sullivan, Dallas, Texas

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in Corpus Christi last week. I am sure that you receive hundreds of letters from well-wishers; please add me to the list of those who have deep admiration for you and what you are doing to help the youth.
Denise Cauchon, Project Manager, Communities in Schools, Kingsville, Texas

I am very proud of you for what you are doing. I’m sure there are a lot of people that hear your speeches that appreciate your taking the time to try to save their lives. I really admire you!
McRae Biggar, Midland, Texas

That was a powerful message from the standpoint of what we’ve talked about – setting a good example, carrying ourselves well in public. This message especially touches us because of what happened last summer when we lost one of our own.
David Browning, Coach, Midland High School, Midland, Texas

Thanks for coming and speaking at the aquarium. You are really inspiring.
Student, Portland, Texas